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Terms & Conditions of Care






I try to provide excellent care. I will do everything possible to respect my client's rights, particularly by observing the values of privacy, dignity, independence, choice, civil rights, security and fulfilment, which I know can easily be threatened by disability or illness. I also recognise that providing care is a co-operative process and I will attempt to consult my client and their representatives as fully as possible.


I will offer care which reflects my clients needs and preferences and, in particular:

  • I will visit you and your home to discuss your care requirements before I commence any service.

  • I will work with you, your family and any appropriate external social or health care professionals to carry out an assessment of your needs and preferences for care and treatment.

  • I will enable and support you to be involved in decisions about the planning of your care.

  • I will design your care and services with a view to ensuring your wellbeing.

  • I will make reasonable adjustments, where required, to meet your individual needs.


Care services are personally provided by Claire Tutton in the client's own home.

CJT Companionship & Care Services, will be providing a fully legal and insured services.

Trips for shopping, doctor and/or hospital appointments as well as other special purposes and will be provided on request. These services will normally be available Monday to Friday. Extended hours maybe available , depending on availability.

Usual hours of service are between 08:30am and 17:00.


Individual client contract letters will specify a weekly schedule of timed visits and an outline of care duties. Clients wishing to cancel a regular visit must give at least 24 hours prior notice. Failure to give notice will incur the normal daily charge.



Clients wishing to cancel more than one visit in any week must give 7 days prior notice. Failure to provide this notice will incur full charges.



Clients wishing to terminate their care contract with CJT Home Care Services must give a minimum of 2 weeks prior notice. Failure to provide this notice will incur a penalty charge equivalent to 2 weeks charges.



Invoices must be paid within 7 days of the date of issue.  Late payment will incur an administration charge of 10 EUROS for each week the invoice is still outstanding.



Methods of payment: can be by cash or direct bank transfer.


Mileage charges will be specified in individual contract letters.  These charges will be itemised in each invoice.  Petrol charges, were appropriate, are calculated at the rate of 30 cents per kilometre.



Each single visit per day will last for a minimum of 1 hour.  Charges for weekdays: 18 Euros per hour (visits lasting longer than 1 hour calculated on pro-rata basis).  Second visits during a day will be at the rate of 12 Euros per half hour.  Were appropriate, charges for weekends will be at the rate of 24 Euros per hour.



In special cases it may be possible for a client to be contracted on the basis of a daily visit for a shorter time than 1 hour.  This would incur pro-rata charges based on a rate of 24 Euros per hour.



Weekday Public Holiday charges are 24 Euros per hour. Weekend Public Holiday charges are 30 Euros per hour.  In each case, visits lasting longer than 1 hour are calculated on a pro-rata basis.


Holiday & cover : A total of 4 weeks holiday a year will be taken with 3-4 weeks prior notice being given to clients.

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